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We are a group of international firms. Supporting a Global Benchmark Survey. From over 300 Companies around the world.

Welcome to the Global Benchmark Survey 2017!

Most Companies don’t have (enough) experience in expanding abroad. Studies show that 50-88% of the business expansion initiatives aren't successful. 

The Global Benchmark Survey covers 200+ Companies based in Asia, Europe and the US.  This concise survey includes questions about strategy, financial metrics and also decision points and triggers which play a role in expansion abroad.  

You can take part in this global survey. The survey will take about 2 minutes.

How to start:

  • Tick the box on the next page to prove that you are not a Robot
  • After clicking on “next” you will find statements and questions which you need to rate from 1 (totally disagree) to 5 (totally agree)
  • If you don't know or it's not applicable for your company, choose Not Applicable.
  • After finishing the last page you need to fill in your business address* to receive a confirmation email with the questions/answers and the notification of the global benchmark report
  • If you want to stop and continue later, please click on the grey bar below each page. 

We wish you success with the Global Benchmark Survey 2017!

*Data protection:
As for all our services we respect the privacy of the participants. Because the survey and the study is anonymous, you need to fill in your business email address if you want to receive the confirmation email and the summary of the Global Benchmark Study.
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